From Dawn till Dusk: The Best of The French Riviera

24 hours at the Maybourne Riviera
Woman in red swimsuit standing side on at the edge of the infinity pool, with the sea behind her

Embark on a journey with Alicia Rountree-Zannier at The Maybourne Riviera, amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of the South of France. From charming French market days to Michelin star dining at our sea-view restaurants, discover her exclusive day trip itinerary where every moment captures the ineffable allure of the French Riviera.

24 hours at the Maybourne Riviera

8am - Morning Rituals & Sunrise Swims

Woman in dressing gown sat at small round table on a terrace, with breakfast selection including a stack of pancakes.

I start the day with a swim when the pool is gloriously empty. I head back to my suite for a breakfast of pancakes and matcha (my daily ritual). There I can enjoy watching the sun slowly rise over Cap Martin below. A little later I head to the spa for a massage.

11.10 am - Roquebrune-Cap-Martin's Timeless Charm

Woman in blue shirt dress with tie up at the front, and sunglasses, perched on a bench that encircles a tree. A bag with Maybourne Riviera written on it is by her side.

I head to nearby Roquebrune-Cap-Martin - a beautiful, sleepy little town where the pace slows almost to a stop. Families meet in pretty bougainvillea-framed coffee shops, orange trees line a path to the antiques shop and locals gather to relax around the 2000-year-old olive tree. There’s a lookout where we can take in the striking landscape heating up in the midday sun.

1.30pm - Savouring Serenity

Woman in Green dress sat eating dinner in Ceto

Back at the hotel and I’ve booked the best table at the Riviera Restaurant. With blue sky above and endless ocean ahead, I could sit here for hours. For me, most lunches are working ones, so to enjoy a meal with my husband is special for both of us.

3.30pm - Menton Market & Afternoon Yoga

Woman in red yoga sports bra and leggins in tree pose, on blue yoga mat on the grass overlooking Monaco

I arrive back at the hotel after some afternoon shopping at the neighbouring town of Menton. There is a food market – marché des Halles – selling delicious treats and delectable local delicacies. With the midday heat starting to wane, it’s now the ideal time for some afternoon yoga on the grass.

7.15pm - Elevated Sundowners

Woman in black jumpsuit with square neckline standing on balcony overlooking Monaco

Time for a cocktail at Le 300 before heading out to the pool terrace to watch the sunset. Later, we go for dinner at the Michelin-starred Ceto on the hotel’s rooftop for a surprise six-course menu – the sea lettuce ravioli and langoustine is worth the trip alone – before heading into Monaco for a nightcap.