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Woman having a FaceGym Workout treatment on face with roller application

Our Treatments

Cryo Contour Workout  75min | 250€
This intense facial workout provides deep hydration and contouring, combining FaceGym’s energetic Signature Sculpt moves with a potent shot of frozen actives.

Radio Frequency Workout 85min | 330€
Experience FaceGym’s original Signature Sculpt workout with a full face radiofrequency session.

Clean + Lift Workout  60min | 215€
The ideal monthly maintenance workout before a special event or for those in need of a healthy boost.

Woman having a FaceGym Workout Treatment with a ball

Treatment Enhancements

Signature Sculpt Workout  35min | 105€
FaceGym’s original high-intensity workout.

Facial Boosters
Amplify your results with our face boosters:

  • Vitamin Shot 2min | 40€
  • Cryo Oxygen Shot 4min | 105€
  • Hyaluronic Acid Roller Application 15min | 115€

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